About Proto Management

Proto Management helps you to maintain candidate fee record and in billing parents/students to generate fee slips. You can see course fee details, student payment, balance information of students etc. Proto Management allows parents to pay the fee online with online receipt generation and many more features.

How to use ?

Nowadays Fee management software is a core of any organization which helps management to manage fee details and also it automates the fee receipts entries in the school/ colleges accounts eliminating the need for repeated data entries. Using the Proto Management Software students and parents can use the latest technology and fee receipt generation easily and quickly.

App Features

24/7 Support

Proto Management is 24 hours and 7 days available for the customer support. You can ask any question or problem-related to Proto Management, the Proto Management team will be there for your help.

Add classes, Staff, students and courses

The Proto Management software provides you the platform where the admin can add new class, course, staff or the students. You can also remove or alter the mention information according to your need.

Customer Report

The Proto Management software gives the great benefit by providing the various client's reports. Which are beneficial for the effective and efficient management of the institutions, schools, colleges etc.

You can save and Download records as CSV, Excel sheet

Through the Proto Management software you can save and download records of their clients as CSV and excel sheet. You can also send these records through the email.

History of all payments of students

The Proto Management software consists of all the records as well as the history of the payments by the students in the database. You can check any of the information from the history anytime whenever you needed.

Global Access

Proto Management helps their clients to access their accounts on a global level. The admin of the Proto Management can check the information regarding fee payment, pending fees of their clients etc anywhere from the world.

User Friendly

A user-friendly web and mobile-based fee management software. This is well maintained and fully user-friendly.

Parent Login Online Website

The Proto Management software is a parent login online website that means all the activities which are performed under the Proto Management software are under the control of the admin of the software. he can add or remove any member of the software, also he can alter any of the information from the software.

Storage Capability

Proto Management enables storage of students fee, patient fees records to properly manage into the database.

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