Welcome to Proto Management

Reliability is one such word that has the power of laying down the foundation for trust. Designed on the same platform is Protlabz eServices’ Proto Management Software. It enables the users to administer daily school/college management task and deliver efficiency. With its capability of creating a uniqueness, this software tends to take full control of the business, manage it without any hassles and save a lot of time.

Main Features :-

  • Security: It security sub-systems supports dividing users into several groups, with each group having its own rights to view or change data.
  • Reliability: The data management system of this software is based on transaction, which never allows the data to be lost or corrupted because of any problem.
  • Availability: The base programmer is configured such that it is easily available for downloading and using the data with immediate effect.
  • User-friendly: Its easily accessible interface allows starting the work without any hassles.
  • Accessibility: This is a web based software which allows the user to access it from any device (Desktop,Mobile, Tablet etc.).

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